About the Biennale

The city of Saint-étienne is famous for its design and football. The Biennale Internationale Design Saint-étienne in France began in 1998 and is held every two years. It has been successfully held for 10 sessions so far. The Biennale is equally renown as the "American National Design Triennial", "Milan Design Week" and "London Design Festival". It is one of the most important design exhibitions in the world and the most famous international industrial design biennale in France. The Saint-étienne International Design Biennale was named the 16th largest cultural event in the world with the largest number of participating countries (100 countries) in 2000.

The Biennale Internationale Design Saint-étienne is an academic and forward-looking industrial design exhibition that aims to present outstanding design works in the design field, while providing a high level promotional display platform for talented artistic and design participants with competence. At the same time, masters in the field of art and industrial design are invited to gather in France in the form of forums, interviews, symposia, works creation, etc., with the theme of industrial design in order to promote the perfect combination of art and industry.

2019 host country

The organizer of the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-étienne will use half of the main exhibition space as a display area for Chinese design works and arrange different exhibitions and activities. This year's Biennale can be seen as a magazine with different sections, and the curators will try their best to meet different needs of the masses through a variety of display sections.

The 2019 Biennale will be held in the Metropolis of Saint-étienne where there will be several exhibitions and events. The event is led by the Saint-étienne Design City and is supported by the City of Saint-étienne, the Metropolitan Saint-étienne, the Rh?ne-Alpes and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. During March 21st - April 21s 2019, the streets and spirits of Saint-étienne and the Design City will be enriched by international design.

The themes of previous design biennales

The previous curators

The influence of the Biennale

The event is sponsored by the city of Saint-étienne and the Metropolis of Saint-étienne with partners including the province Loire, the Metropolitan Union, the Ola Region, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Saint-étienne Institute of Art and Design, the French Cultural Center, and the United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.